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Our story

Our story began thanks to the inspiration of an old and dear friend.

Like an old mountain man, he was surly in temperament, but with a big and warm heart, just like the volcano, always so difficult to interpret and predict.
That was especially true on some days, those when he had his own “eruptions”, like the volcano itself.

One day, our dear “old grandpa” gathered his beloved grandkids around him and made his magical proposition: Why don’t we give everyone the chance to appreciate the wonders and the hidden corners of Etna, the volcano? By doing alternative tourism, green tourism, renting out electric bikes and MTBs in the Etna Park, and perhaps pampering our guests in one of the many good shelters at the heart of the Park? By providing them with the necessary means to live a unique adventure.

And that was how the fairy tale of EURO ETNA TOURISM began.

We were enthusiastic about the project and the words of our old man, and we believed in it… and after working hard for three long years, we have reached the point where we can offer you our exciting initiatives. The rest of the fairy tale we will write together with you, with the help of your comments and advice.

Thanks to our assistants on our nature-loving and educational tours, you will have the possibility to get a better understanding of what it means to live and share our home with the tallest active volcano in Europe.

We are waiting for you.

Our team at Euro Etna Tourism


Quad Guide

He loves both engines and nature. He will be a lively and passionate guide who will accompany you along the entertaining trail between lava and woods.


AIGAE Certified Guide and CNSAS Certified Helicopter Rescue

His reputation for passion and knowledge about “A Muntagna” (“The Mountain”) and all that surrounds it precedes him. Whether on foot or with the help of our e-bikes, he will be a pleasant and helpful guide during the course of our tours.

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